Pleasant reality...

As some of you know, I was recently appointed as a simulator instructor for the company. After a couple of months sharing simulator time with fellow pilots, I came to an enjoyable conclusion: Our Canjet pilots group study hard, are eager to learn and take their profession seriously. After being selected as check pilot, I was expecting to come across a few unmotivated or unprofessional co-workers. I did not anticipate such a level of interest from each and every one of you. It is of common desire to perform better, enhance our skills and pull a good performance all together.

Of course there are as many characters as pilots in the group, different ways of approaching different situations but in the end, I have mostly seen professionals who respect each other. I have seen professionals who understand the importance of working in a team for a positive outcome.

In my own perspective, this open attitude is the key to success. Some of us have less ability than others, some are less experienced and so on; but in the end those are all issues that a thorough training and line flying follow up can fix.

Talking about openness, I came across a very good example. I have yet seen in my entire career managers who are willing to improve procedures and ways of operating with such sincerity. When working with the check pilot group, the table is set in a way where all ideas are listened to, discussed and in many cases accepted shortly after.

My insight on the quality standards of our operation is the following: We have a terrific pilot group willing to perform at high standards; in addition we have managers that are open to improvement like no others. Therefore, in the end there is no doubt we are moving towards great results.

Unfortunately, every operational change as to be amended in the SOP, approved by Transport Canada, explained to check pilots who will be trained accordingly and in return provide training to line pilots. This whole process could take up to one and a half year. So even with the best intentions and resources there is, improvement always takes more time than we all wish!!!

Fly safe,

Nicolas Charette

Fond of business quality management, the author of “attitude 80, the book”, makes use of observations and skills developed in his past career has a corporate chief pilot, Boeing 767-300 airline captain and Boeing 737-800 ACP A (approved check pilot) to promote savvy leadership and efficient team work practices.